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by Dina Scoppettone


I love working with the dynamic range of talent, which is sincerely dynamic geographically, and in tone and industry. One day I'm photographing a new fashion model, or an internationally celebrated master symphony conductor; the next day a pack of professional big-wave surfers; and then the day after that their hero, the man who invented the wetsuit; then the next week, his granddaughter and her prize-winning horses.


The picture in the background here features employees of an Italian owned  company founded and based in California.

It is a wonderful experience to hear people who are at very high levels in their own careers, express appreciation for my work, and often before they have even seen the outcomes, the pictures.


In my experience the client is so jazzed by the the photoshoot, that they are already feeling served by the galvanizing experience, and the photos become a bonus to anticipate. Then when they are seen, they look amazing, and the memory of the positive experience is recalled as a win. 

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